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Motor Mouth Therapy provides speech and occupational therapy services to children from birth to 18 years of age. Our therapists perform their services in your child’s typical environment, whether home or daycare.

Speech Therapy

Speech-language pathology involves a broad scope of practice for people of all ages with communication delays and disorders.

Motor Mouth Therapy primarily evaluates and serves pediatric clients from birth to age 18 who have a variety of communication needs, such as difficulty producing age-appropriate sounds (articulation), few or no words (expressive language), difficulty understanding spoken or written language (receptive language), and difficulty using oral language, requiring augmentative or alternative forms of communication (AAC).

Occupational Therapy

Pediatric occupational therapy aims to assist children with social skills, emotional regulation, fine motor development, gross motor coordination, strength, endurance, motor planning, safety and behavior, just to name a few.

Our extensive medical education is based in neurology, psychology, and orthopedics. In short, we look at the person and their environment and guide the person to perform at their highest level possible.

Why do we do therapy in the home or daycare?

The motivation behind the creation of Motor Mouth Therapy was the need for more on-site (homes or daycares) therapy services for clients in the Tulsa and surrounding areas.

SoonerStart provides a wonderful start for families by providing these on-site family centered approaches; however, many families feel lost once their child graduates from those services at age three.

The founders of Motor Mouth Therapy knew they wanted to fill this gap for clients and families by providing services on-site, as research shows that children learn best in their daily living environments (Marshall & Lewis, 2013). 

We have a talented team of therapists ready to make a difference!